Best Pogo Stick Buying Guide and Reviews

Are looking for a new toy to keep your loving kids active? A pogo stick might be the way to keep them active.

Best pogo stick

Pogo sticking is a great way to keep your kids outside and active.

Pogo sticking is a great way to keep your kids outside and active.

A pogo stick is the only way to get fun with exercise, Pogo stick will develop self-balance, coordination skills when building confidence and strength.

However, pogoing is not only for kids but also adults as well. Now, we will introduce you to the best pogo stick for kids, teenagers, adults. Every pogo stick have its own review with age limits and user recommendations,

If you don’t have time to read the pogo stick reviews, here you may choose the top one with a single click. We reviewed for the best pogo stick for kids, adults, and age-specific.

Here, we put together a few pogo sticks for your kids and the point you should consider when buying.

Best for 4- 10 years kids

This pogo stick made of soft, durable foam and a good choice for indoor and outdoor play. This adorable foam pogo jumper squeaks with any hop!

It’s easier to use and can provide positive strength for your child. It can be a good option for your younger kids to introducing pogo sticks. If they are aged then you may buy different type of pogo stick but it is best and suitable for your starter child.

4-10 years child might be have different heights and weight so you can think about that too.


  • Easy to use.
  • The best option for young children.


  • Limited weight for lite weight kids.
  • May not suit taller and heavy weight children.
best pogo stick

The Best Pogo Sticks for Kids 2024

Here are our top pogo sticks reviews for your kids.

1. Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick

This model from the original pogo stick manufacturer. It features covered by foam, textured grips for a flexible feel to hold on which increases the comfort for longer riding sessions with the pogo stick.

A stable innerspring helps this pogo stick bounce while protecting small hands from being pinched. The foot base offers flexible treads to keep feet in place when bouncing.

This pogo stick designed for the ages between 5 to 12 and weighs between 40 to 90 pounds. 37 inch tall and wide rubber tip for a great bouncing ability.

Reason of love it

Metal Frame Covered by Foam:

We loved this pogo stick because it is specially designed for kids, as it is traditional so older kids can enjoy it.  Extra protection for starter pogo stick player who learning.  Soft foam and handlers can prevent injury. Flexible while bouncing.

Non-Slip Footpads

The footpads feature non-slip treads to save your child from accidentally slipping off the edge during use. This is a great option for children for safety pogo stick riding.

Various color option to choose the best one

This pogo stick has the option to choose from a variety of colors. Your kids and you both can show their personalities. Different colors for different kids in the same house. So each kid can identify their own pogo stick.

Need to know before buy

Though it is the best choice but it is a traditional pogo stick so your kids must know few techniques to bounce on it. Adults must help their kids with first-time play.

2. Kidoozie Foam Pogo Jumper

A wide, foam base bar made it easier for young kids. It’s a great choice for a starter pogo stick lover. It is suitable to use on soft ground, like Lawns, Because the base help to distributes the weight across the ground. It can be used indoor and outdoor. As it is used a very high-quality foam so it won’t damage in hard floors.

It is allowed to support a max of 250 pounds, so older and starter can use it. It is a new invention of pogo stick manufacturers That is why it helps accommodate all heights users. Each bounce will make a sound when it has a speaker. This sound inspires the kids for more playing mode with extra fun.

Reason of Love It

Extra-Wide Base

We love it because of it build methods. It’s a great choice for young. This is not too much tall so up to 8 years old kid can handle it easily. The foam base also makes it possible to pogoing on less-than-perfect grounds. The Traditional pogo sticks can not bounce properly with starter pogo stick players but it is. This one won’t be ruined and will bounce continously.

For Use Indoors and Outdoors

In cloudy weather this pogo stick playing is very enjoyable also in sunny day. So it is very nice choice to buy for your kids indoor and outdoor activities. It will not damage your floors when play inside and this pogo stick will not be damage in hard floors.

High Weight Limit

The high weight limit means more people in the family can use it. Even the adults can get some bouncing practice in to help their little ones learn how to use it. This allows the pogo stick to work for your child for a longer period of time because it won’t be quickly outgrown.

You must teach your childrens how to ride on it. So you can use it in teaching purpose. So this is not have any weight limit. All the family members can use it. Your kids can use this pogo stick for a long time. At a time 2 kids can use it in 10 years.

Need to know before buy

This is not a traditional pogo stick, so it doesn’t have spring. This unit helps your kids to learn how to bounce and control the balance. I don’t bounce ups and down when a traditional pogo stick does.

3. Flybar Foam Master Pogo Stick

This pogo stick foothold is widely set apart. This is a good choice for aged children or taller kids. Both handgrips and center bar are covered by foam for flexibility to prevent injury. The foam also protects the pogo stick. It has come in various colors, you or kids can choose one from the different colors.

Over the age of 9 can use this and weight limit 80 to 180 pounds. This unit for professional tricks and special moves or high bounce. This is really exciting. You can blindly like this pogo stick.  his is not an extraordinary grown-up pogo stick since it does not have the power important to keep most grown-ups engaged, yet the children will love it and keep them occupied for a considerable length of time, weeks, and months of the year!

Reason of love this unit

Wide Footholds

It has extra-wide footholds for an easier bounce. Outstanding controlling, which can allow for a more confidential bounce. It helps the pogo stick bounce straight ups and downs.

Foam-Covered Body

This pogo stick designed for absolute use. The foam helps to keep the pogo stick protected and in outstanding working order.

Enclosed spring

The secret spring gives this pogo stick great bouncing ability. It’s strong, resists breaking, and bounces back nicely for all users in the weight ranges we recommended.

Need to know before buy

This unit designed for aged children. It is taller and weight limit than other pogo sticks.  This is very flexible for 200 pounds users.

4. Geospace Jumparoo Boing

This is the best pogo stick for those who want to bounce everywhere they go. This is perfect for 5 years and up 50 to 120 pounds weights. This can be a best friend of your kids or travel mate. It is best for the starter as it is a non-slip grip on the footpegs. In any weather, you may use it. High-quality rubber and grip used in this pogo stick so it will not slippery on the wet surface. This is safe and best.

36 inch tall and 10-inch pogo stick have 4-inch foot space so maximum kids will be flexible on it. Green and purple colors are available currently. Check the large and medium sizes if this is small for you.

Reason of Love It

Unique Design

Very sexy design for all ages. Different ages kids can use it and its super safe for users. The t-shaped handle are designed by a thick foam for maximum flexibility. The safety spring is metal for maximum durability. The foot pads are non-slip and strong rubber tip.

Wide Weight Range

Family members will love this pogo stick for group activity. Siblings or friends challenge each other to see how many jumps each one can do!  Between 50 to 120 pounds kids can ride it. It is very flexible and safe for 4 to ups.

Hours of Comfort

At a time kids can ride it for 3 hours or max with fun and strength.

Need to know before buy

When you get it first time, it will feel a little difficult, but after a few bounces, it will be totally fine and flexible. However, this means it’s a bit frustrating for liter kids. If you have a kid, weighing between 70 and 100 pounds, let them use it first to break it in!

5. Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun

This is a great invention of flybars for young children. It’s suitable for kids over age 3 and can be supporting weight up to 250 pounds. It has options to choose one from Various colors.

This pogo stick is a wide, foam base. A wide base makes this pogo stick a great choice for children who aren’t perfect for a traditional pogo stick yet.

The foam base provides a realistic-sounding spring. This gives your child realistic pogo stick knowledge. It’s a great way to get your child started.

Reason of Love It

High-Quality Parts

This pogo stick manufactured by using high-quality parts that won’t weaken over time. This is particularly important with foam and stretchy cord, as these can become damaged and compromised easily when the quality is low.Great

Color Selection
Dozens of colors are available in this unit. Also there Trademarked characters attract your kids when they bounce. These help to add extra fun and excitement when riding.

Springy Foam
As a traditional pogo stick, it will not bounce the same way. However,  the foam helps to bounce with flexibility. it will make a great foundation to use traditional pogo sticks.

Need to know before buy

The spring foam adds extra bounce, but it also means the base will reduce and change figure during use. Over time, this can lead to a corrupted base that can cause ugly landings and instability.
There’s an easy way to fix this  — Stop and give a minute the base to return to its original shape.  It will prevent accidents and falls and It doesn’t take a long time.

6. Razor Gogo Pogo Stick, Black

Do you need a pogo stick which is travel with easily? The Razor gogo is designed in this way. you can carry it by folding it into a bag

It’s made of aluminum that is why it is lightweight. It will not be damaged when you fold it or carry it one place to another place.

It is fully surrounded by spring so spring keeps protected, which increases its durability. Also, it is protecting this pogo stick safe

This pogo stick is strong and best for aged children. The spring may be hard for first-time use but will be fine after a few rides.

Reason of Love It

Easily carried or moved

You can fold it down into a comfortable shape. Once folded, you can carry it with your backpack. As It’s lightweight so you may move it from one place to another place.

A Good Choice for Multiple users

This is the best choice for both a child and age kids. This is able to support a small adult’s weight. It can also be used by the lighter kids, as well as they know the proper pogo-sticking technic.

Strong Construction

It’s made of Aluminium and is well-constructed. The aluminum is durable and long-time stable. The spring gives a great jumping feel while standing up to significant use.

Need to know before buy

This is a traditional pogo stick. It is not for beginners or starters. Best for 13-18 aged boy. It is for energetic boys as well as the spring a little hard to bounce it.

Kids Pogo Stick Comparison Chart

ProductsSuitable forDimensionsAge rangeProduct WeightsWeight Limit

Flybar Maverick

Elementary Age9.5″ x 37″ x 2″5-10 yrs4.8 Pounds40-80 pounds

Kidoozie Foam Pogo

Starter kdis5.25 x 5.5 x 11 inches3 - 10 yrs9.1 ounces40-250 pounds

Flybar Foam Master

Aged kids2.6″ x 12″ x 42″9- up7.8 pounds80-160 pounds

Geospace Jumparoo Boing! 

Long time user37.25" x 10.75" x 3.2"1 - 7 yrs5.34 pounds50 to 90 Lbs

My First Foam Pogo Jumper

Very beginner19 x 10 x 4 inches3-up (toddler)1 lbup to 250 lbs
Traveller40" x 11.5" x 3"6 - up5.15 Pounds140 lbs max

Kidoozie Foam Unicorn

Healthy kids8"x 4" x 24"3 - 15 yrs1.18 lbs250 lbs max

Teenage Ninja Turtles

Teenage kids37.52" x 9.76" x 2.76"6-12 yrs4.54 pounds180 pounds

Finall words

Before you buy it you must know who uses it and how to use it. We tried a lot to make you understand the important things. There have hundreds of pogo sticks in the market. But here we tried to help you find the best one.