Best Ukulele for beginners

Ukulele for Beginners – What’s the Best Beginner Ukulele?

Do you love the ukulele? Want to play ukulele but you don’t know how to play the uke? You want to buy a ukulele but you are not sure what ukulele you buy.

We are flypogo here, to help you.

In this guide, we have the top beginner ukulele recommendation for you. And we should help you to buy your first ukulele with some tips.

The most important thing does not to overthink, Take it simple, just buy a ukulele and start practice. The first time you face few problems by hold it and how to tune it. But after few days you understand and it will be flexible for you. Cause you know, Everything is difficult for the first time. So take it easy.

5 best ukulele for beginners at a glance

We recommended a few ukuleles below based on our playing experiences and user reviews.

ImageNameFeatures Read More,,, 61ant4DvhML._AC_SL1500_

Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele

  • Aquila Super Nylgut Strings
  • 13.625" Scale Length
  • Dolphin-Shaped Bridge,,, 71C0F53P3rL._AC_SL1500_ (1)

Kala’s KA-15S soprano ukulele

  • Top materials Mahagany
  • High quality since 2005
  • The most common size of ukulele,,, 61Ia3UYT9iL._AC_SL1500_Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Electric Ukulele
  • Rosewood Fingerboard and Bridge
  • Lightweight Active Shadow NANO-FLEX Eq system
  • Mahogany neck,,, 81H5ok+lw2L._AC_SL1500_

Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

  • Aquila Nylgut 7U Strings.
  • Concert size, Satin finish.
  • Ivoroid body and fingerboard binding,,, 71YOrVsJUhL._AC_SL1500_

Kala MK-B Baritone Ukulele

  • The best entry-level ukulele.
  • Quality craftsmanship, amazing tone.
  • Natural color and mahagany material

Here are my tips for you at first.

Borrow a friend’s ukulele

If you have a friend who loves to play ukulele, Share with him about your wish and love of the ukulele. Tell him you want to play the ukulele. Your friend must help you. You can borrow a ukulele from him and start to practice.

Though it will be difficult to find friends to part of his ukulele!

Borrow this ukulele for 1 or 2 weeks or borrow for a repeatable day. Read our ukulele playing guide.

Buy a cheap ukulele in your small budget

When you love the ukulele you must manage a simple budget, Or borrow some money from your friends or parents. Just buy the best ukulele for under 50$.

There are unlimited ukulele brands in the marketplace, Read the best reviews and buy a ukulele simply. And it is better than borrowing a ukulele from a friend.

best ukulele for beginners

The Ukulele learn guide is so simple by youtube or online search. Online has hundreds of free ukulele guides or buy a book under 3$ or so. For 50$ you may get a very decent and lovely ukulele. Though in the market have a high-quality ukulele.

Many starter ukulele players buy a ukulele in the price range of 50$ – 200$. It will depend on your budget and playing quality. I am not recommended to buy a cheaper ukulele. But as the starter and if you don’t have a budget find one under 50.

I know I am missing any important points. But I am welcome your with your suggestions in the comment section below.

1. Makala Dolphin Soprano Ukulele

This makes the dolphin ukulele is famous and best under 50$. You can play and fun with it.

Best ukulele for beginners

Don’t let the price of this ukulele fool you. People everywhere online rave about these. They are made out of plastic but they have great tone and playability for the price. Definitely replace the default strings that come with it with nicer higher-quality ukulele strings.

This is a perfect ukulele for beginners on a budget or those who want a good “throw-it-in-your-backpack” ukulele.

This Makala dolphin uke comes with a light cloth bag, you’re not getting a case with it.

The Makala dolphin ukulele comes in a lot of different colors like red, pearl white, black, light blue, metallic blue, pink, yellow, green, or purple.

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2. Kala’s KA-15S soprano ukulele

For beginners, Kalaka is one of the best ukulele brands. For solid tone and playing ability, Kala KA-15C is best for starter ukulele learners at reasonable prices.

Best ukulele

For clean looks, solid feel, and durability KA-15S is best. This unit is better than the cheap ukulele under 20$ or 40$. This uke’s workmanship is better than other expensive ukuleles.

It is not 100% perfect when craftsmanship is good for the price. The most significant thing is, It plays well and the sound quality is very luxurious. The KA-15S has a beautiful natural look with its light matte finishing.

KA-15S are coming with basic open-gear tuners. That is tight and perfect which is really important.

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3. Kala KA-TE Mahogany Tenor Electric Ukulele

If you want to “plugin” and enlarge the sound of your uke, then, the Kala KA-TE tenor ukulele is for you.

Best ukulele for starter

Personally, I played this ukulele for teaching purposes in my online ukulele classes. I cannot say enough thing about this nice ukulele, it is not the same as this one.

if you ever want to perform your ukulele live and want to have a loud sound with a plug-in it is for you. cause it has an electric pickup.

I have a tenor ukulele now, its sound quality, flexibility, and sizes feels very comfortable. The Kala tenor ukulele is a great choice for you. If electric pickup is not important for you Kala will behave as soprano or concert ukulele.

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4.) Cordoba 15CM Concert Ukulele

This is Cordoba’s best-selling ukulele. 15CM offers the perfect point of entry for those looking to pick up the ukulele. This is handmade concert ukulele features giving this small bodied ukulele a full and rich sound, mahogany top, back, and sides, It includes a sleek satin finish, silver tuners with pearl buttons, premium Aquila strings.

best concert ukulele

If you don’t use this ukulele you cannot imagine how good is this. I just request you to make a test play with it. Just borrow this from someone for a while. Try it then judge it then buy it. I cannot say enough about it.

You all give it 5-star reviews. This has concert size, and also this cordoba concert comes with soprano size and a tenor larger size.

If you have a large hand you must go with a tenor size ukulele. So that you have some extra spaces between fingers and frets.

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5. Kala MK-B Makala Classic Baritone Ukulele

if you want a baritone with a full, bold, and rich tone then this is the best beginner ukulele. Fantastic looks, Worm sound, and plastic saddle. Don’t worry about the plastic saddle.

best baritone ukulele

In the largest ukulele family, the baritone models provide a rich, deeper tone. As it is best for beginners so its controlling and string are perfect.

Kala MK-B is ideal for the first baritone. Under 100$ Kala MK-B delivers a great tone and flexibility and high build quality. We liked other than plastic at the bridge but for your budget, this is the best ukulele for beginner ukulele lover.

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The Features of a ukulele

  • Binding – A strip of material usually contrasting the main building material, which is inlaid along the edges of the instrument or covering seams.
  • Bridge – Located on the soundboard it holds the strings in place and transfers string vibration to the body.
  • Fretboard – The portion of the neck where the frets are installed. Typically made of a hard dense wood such as Rosewood or Ebony.
  • Headstock – located at the end of the neck above the nut and fretboard that holds the tuning pegs.
  • Inlay – Decorative procedure of cutting out a thin recess and filling it with another material.
  • Neck – thin piece of wood that holds the strings, headstock, fretboard, and frets and is usually made from the Nato wood.
  • Nut – Located at the top of the neck, at the end of the fretboard. The nut holds the strings above the frets and correctly spaces the strings at the top of the fretboard. Nuts are usually made of bone or other hard dense material.
  • Purfling – A decorative thin strip of material inlay around the top edges of the instrument to prevent cracking around the edges.
  • Rope – An alternating pattern of light and dark wood, usually associated with bindings and or trim.
  • Rosette – The decorative rings around the soundhole. It can also strengthen the area around the soundhole.
  • Saddle – Located on top of the bridge it holds the strings in place. Saddles are usually made of bone or other hard dense material.
  • Scale – Distance from the bridge to the nut.
  • Set Up – The final “tune-up” prior to shipment to make an instrument play correctly.
  • Craftsmanship- People that make stringed instruments are called luthiers. An online store that specializes in ukuleles is probably made or set up by luthiers and is probably well constructed

Gloss Finish and Satin Ukulele

Typically there are two types of finishes available, satin and glossy. Satin is a low sheen finish that creates a natural or classical appearance. Glossy is a high sheen finish that produces a bright mirror-like appearance. Glossy finishes are more expensive than satin finishes. When properly applied the surface should be flat, level and clean and should not adversely affect the overall tonal qualities of the ukulele. Both finishes are fine and it is a matter of preference on which to choose.

Now, Let’s talk about the different types of ukuleles. There are four main types, which are the

  • Soprano,
  • Concert,
  • Tenor and
  • The Baritone.

different types of ukulele

Soprano Ukulele

The Soprano is the smallest and has the most traditional sound. Most cheap ukuleles are usually Sopranos. The Soprano measures around 21 inches. Because of the size, this ukulele is good for children and people with small hands.  Read more

Concert Ukulele

The Concert ukulele is slightly larger, about 22-24 inches, and has a slightly bigger sound than the Soprano. Because of the relatively smaller size, this is a good size for women and men who have smaller hands. Read more

Tenor Ukulele

The Tenor ukulele is one of the most common ukuleles. It is generally between 26-29 inches. The sound is a little more modern sound than the Soprano and the concert. Read more

The Baritone ukulele

The Baritone ukulele is the largest ukulele and is tuned differently than the rest. It is generally tuned the same as the four bottom strings of a guitar and so tends to have more of a guitar sound to it.  Read more

Keep in mind before buying a ukulele:

  • Does the online store exclusively sell ukuleles or are they a secondary item?
  • Is the item in stock? No sense going through the checkout process only to discover the item is out of stock.
  • Do they provide a contact page where you can email or call about any additional questions and/or concerns you may have?
  • Do they respond to your questions and/or concerns promptly?
  • Is the checkout process secure and do they accept most major credit cards?
  • What about warranties or guarantees and what is the return policy?

Finally, no matter what kind of ukulele you choose, just remember it is the player that makes the instrument, not the other way around. Have fun.

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