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Vurtego Pogo Stick

In pogo stick design and its history when vurtego come, without question, this is the most advanced pogo stick ever made. We have taken the traditional spring pogo stick and tossed it in many years ago. Then, we created pogo sticks that use our patented air spring replacing of a metal spring. This vurtego has used heavy spring which help it to jump high, approx 10 feet.

Who is suitable for this pogo stick?

The Vurtego V4 is perfect for anybody who is more than 75 pounds. If you think Vurtego V4 users are younguns’ between 12 to 20, but you will be pretty surprised. A big amount of Vurtego V4 users are actually very aged who are trying to prove that they’re not that old, they are strong.

60 years old men feel they are 40. 🙂 haha.  it is true that Vurtego V4 can easily be used by anyone over 75 pounds Who can jump on a trampoline. The vurtego V4 is a little more difficult than a trampoline because you’ll need to use more strength and ability to control your balance, but once start to use it, the feeling is very funny and confidential.


See 3 Different sizes of V4

Remove air for a soft spring and add air for a stiff spring.


The most favorite thing about the V4 is, a 300 pound adult can use this same pogo stick as an 80-pound child. Because the vurtego V4 uses air pressure, you may tune it to your exact preference quickly by pumping it up to jump higher or taking the air out to jump lower. Few users like to bounce 2-3 feet high and use the V4 for exercise purposes, whilst other users like to do flips off of rooftops.


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Quickly collapsible for easy movement

You can release the air pressure after you are done riding and deflate the spring then. Not any tools are needed. Just let the air out, and press the whole slide alloy into the stick for easy movement and storage. The medium V4 is 54″ in height during bounce mode and 34″ in travel mode. Its really flexible and adjustable

  • Use it for fun
  • Use it for your exercise, This will help for your full body exercise
  • Also, use it for sports, But wear safety gear



The Pros of V4

  • This is the most advanced pogo stick ever made.
  • Adjustable air pressure systems allow anyone to bounce
  • Made and assembled by the U.S.A.
  • Strong, durable, and easily movable.

The Cons of V4

  • Dangerous for the non-expert person.
  • A little Expensive.
  • Only 2 available colors.



Final Verdict/Conclusion on the Vurtego V4 Pogo Stick

The Vurtego V4 Pro Pogo Stick is without a doubt one of the finest of all pogo stick for adults.  It is a toy, form of recreation, and personal entertainment that is all rolled up into one successful device that is indeed every inch truly nice. It doesn’t get any better than that for kids. Fun personified!


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