Flybar Super Pogo 2


Super Pogo 2 pogo stick is the best choice for real pogo stick finder, it is great and made with high-strength aluminum body, vertical amplify, Good riding bike pedal-width foot pegs for additional stability and controlling system for all ages pogo riders.

This is rocks!!! If you have the previous pogo stick riding experience to get the hang of this pogo stick right away. Once you should get the hang of it and the spring loosens up, you can jump to pathetic heights, and freedom of a great ride.

Combine the best features

Combine the best features with  the Flybar Super Pogo and Flybar 800, the spring used this

Flybar Super Pogo 2


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Flybar Super Pogo

If you feel any problems technically by destroying any parts manufacturer will take a positive decision for you. But blindly you can use this for a couple of years

pogo is made to extreme jumping and safely supports all ages riders from 14- up and weight  90 to 200 pounds. Produced by aircraft-grade 6160 aluminum and heavy metals, smooth spring , used very good rubber, and plastic, this pogo stick is providing healthy fun with all the way indoor and outdoor  and a good workout for ages peoples. There have a great value you need to know this stick are coming with fully replaceable handgrips, foot strips, and a rubber tip. Riders can make a rotation with the handle bar to the desired positions if he wants to. The spring rate is good for 200Lbs too. This behave as a bicycle. If  you are not familiar with bicycle this Super pogo 2 is the best solution for the best workout.

This is fit for 7’ men also it will be fit for 4’ tall boy .

For adults exercise it will be hard to get  up and down at the beginning of ride, But after a few tries it will be work fine for you and you can adjust with it.

The Best Specifications :

  • Construction by high-strength aluminum
  • Vertical reinforcing chambers
  • Pedal-width foot pegs for stability and controlling systems
  • Extreme jumping
  • Constructed high-grade aluminum (aircraft-grade 6160) and heavy-duty and durable metal, rubber and plastic parts.
  • Changeable hand grips, foot strips and rubber tip
  • Handle bar need only be rotated to the desired position
  • Constructed to safely support 90-200 pounds
  • 14 and up ages riders are recommended to use.

Cons :

There are not any specific problems with it but When user first-time use, It will take a couple of hits to up and down . After 10-hits it will be work nicely .

Final Verdict

The Super Pogo 2 highly recommend 2 to anyone who enjoys pogo riding and jumping and does not have enough money to  more expensive super pogo. It will be must better than your average pogo stick. It is a durable pogo stick and it’ll survive a few crashes with no issue. Overall, between it’s price and capability, it’s one of the best pogo sticks you can get to date


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