invention of pogo sticks for sale

George Hansburg patented the first pogo stick in 1919. Gimble Brothers, a department store , ordered thousands of pogo sticks to sale from George Hansburg but somehow they got warped and ruined by the time they got there. George Hansburg was a furniture and toy designer. Gimble Brothers asked George Hansburg to redesign the pogo sticks for sale to prevent it from rotting. George Hansburg designed and created an all metal, fully painted version of the pogo sticks for sale. It had an enclosed spring He had them manufactured an Elmhurt, New York factory. And the pogo stick was born!

About Pogo Stick

Pogo sticks have been around since 1919 and saw their biggest time during the roaring twenties. George Hansburg taught the Ziegfeld Follies girls how to pogo. In 1920, Ziegfeld featured a marriage performed on pogo sticks. During their most popular time, the pogo stick saw all kinds of tricks and publicity stunts through the twenties and thirties.

Reinvention and invention of the modern day pogo sticks for sale

In 1947, George Hansburg invented the Master Pogo, an improved steel pogo stick with a longer-lasting spring. This pogo stick is the basis for the modern pogo stick design we see today.

Different types of pogo sticks

You can find pogo sticks for sale at better prices than retail stores. Let’s take a look at three different types of pogo sticks: pogo sticks for adults, pogo sticks for kids, and pogo sticks for children.

Pogo sticks for adults has become a huge sport in the past ten years and is growing rapidly. It is fun but also a very serious sport to many. In the past ten years, the world record for pogo stick jump height has been broken over 12 times.

Pogo Sticks for kids of ages 7 to 16 are the more typical design and aren’t made to jump the higher heights but more of a bouncing around fun.

Pogo sticks for children of ages 3 to 7 are for the smaller kids and usually more in a toy fashion. They work like a traditional pogo stick but are usually cheaper in quality and not made for larger weight children or height jumping.

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