Here we will discuss what type of pogo stick is good for children.

There are some things to consider before buying pogo sticks for children:

  • The maximum riders weight is often only double the minimum weight.
  • Buyers should “try before buy” because the pogo stick can be unsuitable  (too stiff or not stiff enough) even if the rider is within the specified weight range.
  • Pogo sticks for children often have interchangeable feet. They start with a large foot so the child can keep his/her balance easily. Then, when they are comfortable, they can change to the normal foot.
  • A rider who is too light will be unable to compress the spring.
  • A rider who is too heavy means that the spring will be too weak to bounce back.

Some more advanced models have adjustable springs, compressed air, or rubber bands. They suit every weight and height with just a few adjustments. These models are made more for a professional and can jump up to 7 feet. Assuming that you are looking for a beginner model, we will not discuss these models here.

Too young for a pogo stick? Other options

If you are starting your child very young, you might want to start them on pogo like toys. They range from inflatable balls like the Pogo Moon Hopper or the Zoingo Boingo. Or maybe you want to try Geospace Jumparoo, which are a set of oval springs. The idea is that the base of these are much wider and easier to keep balance and keep from getting hurt. But the vertical jump height is much less, so they won’t jump as high. This makes them much safer but much less fun as well.

The Best Pogo Sticks For Kids

Like any kind of sport, safety should always be first. Skateboards and roller blades are no more dangerous than pogo sticks, so you should always think about safety here. All it takes is a pebble in the wrong place and you could suffer serious injury. Always use a pogo stick in debri-less concrete and away from obstacles.

Anyone who is thinking about buying any kind of sports equipment for their children should be conscious of safety first. Always wear a helmet and knee/elbow pads. One fall could cost your child pain or serious injury and thousands of dollars.

Pogo Stick Sizes For Kids

Pogo stick for kidsConclusion

The razor pogo stick will be best for your children and it will be safe pogo stick at all the terms iwe mentioned above also that matches the rider’s weight. Whatever the design, safety equipment should be worn, and the rubber foot needs to be constantly checked for damage. Dont forget to use helmet when riding pogo stick

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How a kid will ride in Pogo ? Please Watch


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