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Soprano Ukulele

As a music teacher, I have scoured the Internet for the best ukulele for me and my students to purchase. If you are starting out on the exciting path of learning to play the ukulele, then the Naneki Soprano Ukulele Bundle is the best package to start out with. For a very reasonable price, you will get a beautiful and high-quality ukulele, a case for the instrument to keep it safe, and easy to use tuner, a strap, and some extra strings. This is the best way to start out on this instrument as you will have everything you need to tune up and begin your lessons.

Naneki Soprano Ukulele Bundle Specifications 

This is a light weight instrument at only 2 pounds, but it is well made with high quality mahogony wood, making it quite sturdy. It is a little less than 2 feet in length, making it perfect for children to use. The neck is 3 inches wide, which means adults will be able to use it as well.

Features of Soprano Ukulele

This package has some excellent features that make it stand out from the crowd of all the other ukuleles on the market. Some of these features to take note of are as follows:

Made from Amazing Woods:

There are a number of different woods used to create this instrument, and all of them are the best quality woods for this instruments: Mahogany, African Sapele, and Rosewood. These words are strong but supple, so they allow the sound to reverberate in a beautiful way. Being made from wood instead of vinyl or plastic is what creates the incredibly rich sound of the instrument.

All-in-One Package:

In my past experience, I had to make 5 different purchases to set my students up with a beginner package. The ukulele, case, tuner, extra strings, and strap all came separately. The bundles I did see were all ploys to sell less than stellar instruments. It was so exciting to find a beautiful instrument sold in such an all-inclusive package.

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Stainless Steel Tuning Heads:

Many beginning ukuleles are equipped with plastic tuning heads. The marketing says they are easier for children to manipulate, but I am certain it has much more to do with saving manufacturing costs. My students can work the metal tuning heads just as easily as the plastic, which thrills me. The metal heads are stronger, meaning the tuned strings stay tuned for much longer. There is a much smaller risk of the heads breaking, and the metal doesn’t let the strings slide out of position as easily as the cheap plastic heads. As a musician and a teacher, I love this feature.

Strap Buttons:

This is something that wouldn’t matter much to some people, but as a teacher and a musician, I know first-hand how much easier it is to focus on learning and playing well when half of my concentration is not taken up by trying to hold up the ukulele on my own. A strap is much more convenient and allows students to learn proper form rather than building bad habits while trying to support the weight of the instrument. I love that there are strap buttons, as not all beginner models come with them. This is another simple but significant feature in my book.

Deluxe Neck Binding:

The neck of the ukulele is arguably the most important part for players. This is where the chords are decided. A well-bound neck makes finding the right chords much easier, and results in better playing.

Incredible Tone:

Sometimes, the word ‘Beginner’ as it pertains to instruments is synonymous with horrible tone. That is not the case with this Soprano ukulele. It has incredible tone, and could be used by professionals and beginners alike. This is due to the good materials and the excellent craftsmanship.

Pros of This Purchase

  • It is a great price
  • Perfect for a new student
  • Made from wood and not plastic
  • Has excellent tone
  • Comes with a tuner
  • Has a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee

Cons of This Purchase

  • Only comes in one color
  • The tuner is not the best, but adequate
  • Nylon strings can lose pitch a lot during the first week.

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Are the Strings Good Quality?

They are Nylon strings, which are not my favorite, but are pretty standard as far as soprano ukes go. They will need to be tuned often when you first get the ukulele, but will start to stretch out and stay in tune after the first week of good use.

Does the Instrument Sound Good?

Yes! I love the tone of this instrument. If you do not, then you might need to re-tune your model. As was stated before, the nylon strings will need to stretch out a bit before they will stay in tune for extended periods of time. When in tune, this instrument has a gorgeous sound.

What Are the Extra Strings for?

The extra strings are to replace any of the original strings that might break. You are sent a full set as most musicians suggest replacing the whole set when one breaks.

Do I Have to Use the Strap?

No, of course not. If you prefer to play without it, then that is your choice. I will say, however, that my students learn faster when using the strap. It is more comfortable and helps you to play with good form.

What Does Soprano Ukulele Mean?

There are different sizes and styles of ukuleles, and each has a different sound, size, and pitch level. Soprano ukuleles are the smallest, lightest, and highest pitch of the ukes, making it perfect for beginners and children.

Final Words

I have been in the music industry for a long time, and I am very impressed with this product. There are a lot of great ukuleles out there, but I highly suggest considering this one if you are ready to learn to play the beautiful iconic Hawaiian ukulele.

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