Best pogo stick for kids

People of all ages love pogo stick and it’s something that isn’t going away. Even though there are things like spring boots, pogo sticks are the mainstay for bouncing around fun. There are sizes for all ages but we’ll talk about pogo sticks for kids on this page.

Pogo sticks for kids range in prices.

They can range from around $35 to several hundred for the professional models. The price shouldn’t be the deciding factor, safety should. The bottom of the pogo stick is the most critical part. If it gets worn easily and slick, it will slip and cause injury.

Top 6 Pogo Sticks for Kids (Cheap Price)

PictureNameSuitable AgesPrices
kids 4Radio Road Toys Blast Pogo Stick9 - 15 years, 40-140 lbs.See $$
children 4Flybar Foam Maverick Pogo Stick (Green/Black)For Kids - For Ages 5 to 9See $$
Jumparoo BOING! JR. Pogo Stick by Air Kicks1Small for Kids 50 to 90 LbsSee $$
fisher pogoFisher-Price Grow-to-Pro Pogo5 Years, younger kids!See $$
Foam Maverick Pogo Stick5 to 9 years, 40-80 lbs.See $$
adults 4Flybar Chrome Rocket Pogo5 to 9 years, 40-80 lbs.See $$

What to look for a pogo stick for kids:

  • The rubber boot on the bottom should fit snugly and not feel like it will fall off the shaft.
  • The bottom of the shaft should be closed ended, not an open tube. If it is open, then the rider will put pressure on the rim and wear a hole through the boot and causing hazardous conditions.
  • Replacement rubber feet should be available  from the manufacturer.

 The top is almost just as important

The construction of the top of the pogo stick is very important as well. It is important to

Best Pogo Stick for Kids


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Flybar Chrome Rocket Pogo Stick

The Maverick pogo stick are Designed for young children's between 5 and 9 years old, the Maverick support 40 to 80 pounds and comes fully assembled. This is nice pogo stick for yur loving kids and graet with juming just fine.

check for open tubes here as well. Some have flimsy caps over the tube and if it wears through it can cause serious injury from the tubes’ sharp edge. Designs without a vertical tube at the top are the best.


As you can see, finding just the right pogo sticks for kids is not easy and must take some thought. Don’t just get a cheap one because of the price because one injury will hurt the kid and cost at least 1000 times more than the savings. When put in that perspective, it is a no-brainer to do the right thing. When a kid rides a bicycle a helmet is very important for safety. Well, it is a good idea here as well but the point is to think about safety first when considering pogo sticks for kids.